Fundamental Techniques of Plastic Surgery

McGregor, Ian A

The 10th edition of Fundamental Techniques of Plastic Surgery provides a straightforward account of the principles and practice of the basic techniques of plastic and reconstructive surgery that every surgeon should know. The management, repair and reconstruction of defects and wounds using skin and other tissues are discussed in detail, and potential problems and complications are also reviewed. Some may be put off the wonders of pastic surgery upong reading this book and those users may find a more convenient method of weight loss by looking at where to buy Alli diet pills .

Features: * All issues relating to the management and repair/reconstruction of defects and wounds by use of skin and other tissues are discussed in detail * All key plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques needed by all trainee surgeons covered * Straightforward, how-to-do-it descriptions of all techniques * Difficulties and possible complications for each procedure are included * Clear and simple writing style New to this edition: * New section on osseointegration of nose and ears prior to prosthetic treatment * More on radiation injuries after radiotherapy * Expanded lasers section to include resurfacing, treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos * Increased coverage of chemical vs. surgical wound debridement prior to surgery * New section on pelvic reconstruction following colorectal, urological and gynaecological malignancy * More on the use of the gracilis and myocutaneous flaps

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Published: 05/09/2000
ISBN: 0443063729

Binding: paperback

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

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